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We Are Family-Owned & Operated

The Lunasphere is a family-owned and operated business striving to keep our community safe. While we are based in Florida, we offer our state-of-the-art products to the nation for residential and commercial use. The Lunasphere was established when a father and daughter developed a solution to the invisible germs and bacteria being spread through interaction with everyday items. Since then, we have helped numerous homes and businesses secure themselves against invisible germs and bacteria. Additionally, a percentage of all Lunasphere proceeds are donated to the Inspiring My Generation Foundation, a Florida non-profit organization founded by Lunasphere President Francesca Reicherter. The organization focuses on promoting mental health awareness, mental wellness, and expanding treatment options. Partnering with Inspiring My Generation Foundation is very important to The Lunasphere because this organization falls in line with our commitment to both physical and mental health. During these uncertain times, it is now more important than ever to give our clients hope while transitioning to the new normal of keeping the people of our community healthy and safe without fear.

lunasphere product

Our Premier Lunasphere Products

All Lunasphere products utilize UV-C lighting to kill 99.99% of viruses, germs, and bacteria on any surface. When you walk in the door of your home, grab your shoes, your phone, your mail, your packages, and anything else that may have been contaminated and slide it in the tunnel. Just like that, any viruses, germs, and bacteria that may have infected your home are now gone. We are always challenging those at Lunasphere to continually develop revolutionary products to simplify the disinfectant germ and bacteria off surfaces. All Lunasphere products are from our family to yours. We hope that we can help keep your family safe as we transition into a new future.

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Revolutionary Solutions

We, at Lunasphere, pride ourselves on creating revolutionary solutions to age-old problems. We know people are looking for additional ways to protect their families, employees, and customers. We are honored to do our part through the technology and convenience of the Luna. Our team has worked diligently to make this exciting new product possible for nationwide distribution. The Luna tunnels come in multiple sizes and are lightweight for easy relocation. A compact version is available for homes and small businesses. In contrast, more extensive, customized versions are available for retailers and manufacturing facilities. To learn more, contact the team at Lunasphere today.

The Next Generation of Disinfectant Is Here