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Are you looking for a new business opportunity where you are in business for yourself but not by yourself?  Becoming a distributor of The Lunasphere LLC will provide you with the following advantages:

  1. Track Record of Success. Bill Reicherter, CEO of The Lunasphere, has a proven record of over 26 years of business success in the manufacturing and sales industries. Under his leadership, distributors are provided with Bill’s Method of Project Management success, starting with an efficient supply chain, followed by a solid sales pitch, and ending with exceptional customer service.
  2. Strong Brand. The Lunasphere is building a national brand servicing many industries across the United States. One of the biggest advantages provided by The Lunasphere is the high value our products have for both American businesses and households.
  3. Training Programs. One of the biggest assets provided by The Lunasphere is our state of the art Training programs designed specifically to help our distributors become successful. Our world class training materials and continuous support will assist you in dealing with issues that arise while you’re running your business. We believe that the more support we provide you, the more successful we all are.
  4. Ongoing Operational Support. The Lunasphere Corporate team is dedicated to providing ongoing assistance to distributors. Our distributors are never alone while building and running their business. With direct access to Corporate, you can always call on our experienced team for any issues or questions.
  5. Marketing Assistance. As a distributor, you are provided with the tools and strategies needed to attract and retain customers. The Lunasphere Corporate team in collaboration with the Marketing team will help you to develop comprehensive marketing plans and budgets for effective business practices. Part of the Welcome Package includes a custom brochure and website page to help set our distributors up for success from the very beginning.
  6. Protected Territories. As a distributor, you are guaranteed exclusive rights to your territory. There will not be another distributorship sold in your area, and any sales made on a National Account that encroaches your territory will guarantee an 80/20 split with the distributor that holds the National Account. You are always rewarded for sales made within your territory.


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