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Parkland, FL August 26, 2020 – Small business survival is paramount to recovering from COVID-19 and keeping people employed as they weather through this crisis. Businesses are now looking for new sanitation options as employees are beginning to return to the office and consumers are, again, coming through the doors.

Bill Reicherter has a career in signage and lighting – owning and growing one of the top sign companies in the country, Jones Sign Co. As a business owner himself, he saw an opportunity to help all small businesses make safety a priority by working with urgency to launch Lunasphere. The Luna is a convenient solution for disinfecting items at the home, office and other public spaces. He also created the Luna Cart Clean for grocers, golf courses and various other industries. The key ingredient in the disinfectant products is the UV-C lights, which emit very short ultraviolet wavelengths from 100 to 280 nanometers that damages the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

“We know that during this COVID-19 pandemic people are looking for additional ways to protect their families, employees and customers. We are honored to do our part through the technology and convenience of the Lunasphere products,” said Bill Reicherter, CEO of Lunasphere. “I am proud of our team that has worked so hard to make these exciting new products possible and that we are able to manufacture them right here in Southeast Florida.”

The Luna disinfecting tunnels are spacious enough to fit multiple items inside and are built with durable materials for scratch and dent resistance. They are ideal for disinfecting groceries, shoes, backpacks, briefcases, electronics, packages, sports equipment and anything else that may have been contaminated. The tunnels come in multiple sizes and are lightweight for easy mobilization. The units use standard 120v power and operate on a 60-second timer that automatically shuts off the UV-C bulb once completed.

“Our customers are delighted to know that the contents of their parcel have been light sanitized,” stated the CEO of MedLabs Supply – Greg Blackledge. “As one of the very few online vendors using this unit on our outgoing orders, we feel it has not only improved sales, but also customer goodwill. In the end it feels good to know that, as a company, we are doing our part.”

The Luna Cart Clean eliminates the spread of germs by sending the carts through a quick disinfecting tunnel that sanitizes carts thoroughly using UV-C lights that kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The use of this product will also eliminate the additional labor efforts and risk to employees, saving retailers both time and money and most importantly an added layer of protection against dangerous viruses and bacteria.

About Lunasphere: Lunasphere is a family owned and operated business, established when a father and daughter came together to develop a solution to the invisible germs and bacteria being spread through interaction with everyday items. A percentage of all Lunasphere proceeds are donated to the Inspiring My Generation Foundation, a Florida Non-Profit founded by Lunasphere President Francesca Reicherter that focuses on promoting mental health awareness, mental wellness, and expanded treatment options. For more information on the Luna visit