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As the majority of the world continues to battle with the deadly effects of COVID-19, millions of people are becoming more desperate to find effective ways of ensuring their safety and that of their loved ones. Father and daughter William and Francesca Reicherter are offering a revolutionary solution to reassure families, businesses, and communities that there is an effective way to brave the new normal by being proactive through The Lunasphere.

The virus can be passed on through physical contact or coming into contact with an item that was previously used or held by someone who was already infected. Thus, a pressing need for products utilizing UV-C light that can kill 99.9% of germs in a matter of seconds is apparent. The Lunasphere is the solution that every home or business needs to guarantee that no virus ever threatens the safety of the people living and working in them. Co-founder and company president Francesca Reicherter saw an opportunity to establish a brand that will one day become synonymous with cleanliness and safety.

“We wanted to be a part of the solution. In today’s world, there is so much unknown and so much out of our control. We wanted to have an active role in regaining some control for our community so that our businesses can stay open, our children can return to school, and we can experience sports and concerts in person again. We wanted to help be a part of the shift to the new normal,” says The Lunasphere President.

The company has a unique selection of products featuring UV-C light technology from their Luna Conveyor Belt to Luna Cart Clean, Luna Residential, and UV-C Disinfectant Tunnels. Once installed in the home, for instance, all that the user needs to do is remove his shoes, bag, car keys, phone, and other personal items that may have been exposed and slip it under the Luna Residential. After 60 seconds, the items are considered germ-free, bacteria-free, and squeaky clean.

The Lunasphere co-founder William Reicherter acts as the CEO of the company. He is a visionary leader and is best known for his rare skills in building an organization from the ground up. His unmatched knowledge in material fabrication and electrical contracting makes him an authority in creating products that are able to disinfect harmful elements off surfaces.

With Francesca at the helm of handling data analytics and supply chain management, the company is able to produce the most efficient disinfecting products at the lowest cost possible. At present, she is a candidate for a master’s degree in information science and operations management at the University of Florida. She hopes to be able to expand her knowledge further to bring their company to the next level.

In the next couple of years, Francesca Reicherter sees The Lunasphere developing more revolutionary products that will keep families and communities safe from the harmful effects of germs and bacteria. By advocating the importance of maintaining a safe home and working environment, they intend to continue to be instrumental in preventing more people from getting sick and allow them to go about their regular routines, confident that they are in a germ-free space.