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Being good is commendable, but it is only useful when combined with doing noble acts for the benefit of others. Although admittedly, such an act is easier said than done, some of the most praiseworthy individuals and companies have already led a life filled with altruistic pursuits. And as a result of their sincere and noble intentions for a better world, they continuously exceeded their goals and expectations, resulting in living a full life ahead of themselves. As one of those leading figures that center their mission towards benevolent pursuits, The Lunasphere LLC, encourages everyone to take a step towards helping others during these trying times.

For some individuals and enterprises, having social conscience may just be a vision subsidiary to the primary one. But for others like The Lunasphere LLC, it is the principal reason for their being. According to its CEO and founder, Bill Reicherter, engaging in altruistic movements prompted him to create The Lunasphere LLC—a company geared towards helping the community. And as the company continues to materialize its vision of a better world, it encourages everyone to go beyond borders and become beacons of hope, especially during a global health crisis.

Empowered by its principle of helping others, The Lunasphere LLC, is a manufacturing company designed to address problems and create solutions. It improves and revolutionizes sanitization by creating disinfectant tunnels that effectively kill viruses and micro bacteria. These state-of-the-art tunnels are made for residential and commercial use to ensure that each individual, household, or company, is protected from the potentially lethal effects caused by the contamination of various kinds of virus and bacteria.

And as the pandemic still looms over most parts of the world, people have become more cautious in the way they interact with people, things, and disparate surfaces. Because of this rising need to effectively disinfect and sanitize, The Lunasphere LLC addresses this gap by providing a disinfectant tunnel that is scientifically prepared to battle harmful organisms. The key ingredient in the company’s products is the UV-C lights that emit short ultraviolet wavelengths ranging from 100 to 280 nanometers. And according to studies, this specific range is designed to damage and destroy the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, resulting in effectively eradicating these detrimental organisms.

While UV-C lights may sound intimidating, The Lunasphere LLC explains that UV-C lights are commonly used to sterilize and disinfect food, water, air, and other surfaces that the virus, bacteria, and other pathogens, may accumulate. On top of its affable nature, the products are weather durable and come in different sizes—Luna Home 500, Luna Belt 1000, Luna Pro 3000, and Luna Max 500.

But aside from helping the community by providing solutions for better sanitization during a health crisis, The Lunasphere LLC donates a percentage of the tunnels’ proceeds to Inspiring My Generation—a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading mental health awareness, promoting psychological wellbeing, and organizing fundraising events for those in need of psychological treatments.

In the coming years, The Lunasphere LLC hopes to develop more unconventional ways to help society battle the whims and caprices of circumstances. Through its passionate spirit, coupled with a mission to make the world a better place, the company is well underway.