The Lunasphere

Family Owned & Operated

In a Lunar Eclipse, the sun and moon come together as one in unity to fight diversity. The Lunasphere is a family business, established when a father and daughter came together to develop a solution to the invisible germs and bacteria being spread through interaction with everyday items. All Lunasphere products utilize UV-C light to kill 99.99% of virus germs and bacteria on any surface. When you walk in the door of your home, grab your shoes, your phone, your mail, your packages, and anything else that may have been contaminated and slide it in. Hit the switch and wait for the timer to go off in 60 seconds. Just like that, germs and bacteria that may have infected your home are gone.

The Lunasphere is from our family to yours. May your family stay safe as we transition into a new future.

William Reicherter

Chief Executive Officer

William Reicherter is one of the co-founders of Lunasphere, LLC. In addition to Lunasphere, he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Jones Sign, one of the nation’s premiere sign organizations, leading the sign industry in both fabrication and electrical innovation. William is a visionary leader who has successfully built many organizations from the ground up, most notably Priority 1 Signs. Through his vast knowledge in material fabrication and electrical contracting, William has challenged himself to develop revolutionary products to simplify the disinfectant germ and bacteria off surfaces.

Meet Our Founders

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